How to multitask on your Android ?

The split-screen, as the name indicates, allows you to divide the screen and use different apps simultaneously. You may sometimes want to watch a video while working or modify data from Linkedin to Insta for your story. The split-screen mode makes your work easier.

This feature has been traveling along with the Android phones and tablets for a long time. But very few people about this option. So here are a few steps to enjoy the multi-tasking option.

  1. Open the two apps, you wish to use at the same time, one after another.
  2. Tap the Overview button (Task switcher button/ Recent tasks button).
  3. Press and hold an app among the two you selected.
  4. Click the Split screen option.
  5. Tap on the next app and use both the apps side by side.

In a few versions, instead of pressing the app, you can see three dots at the top right corner of the recently viewed app. This shows the Split-screen option when tapped.

This feature may not be applicable to all the applications.

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