Must known YouTube tricks

YouTube, as a known fact, is the second most used application all over the world. It helps people in a lot of ways. Almost all people use YouTube these days and it has become a part of the daily routine. Make it extra comfortable.

Here are a few tricks to do while watching YouTube.

  • A boring video or no time – Double tap at the right to forward few seconds.
  • An interesting scene – Double tap at the left to watch it once more.
  • Want to take a break in the middle of class – Tap the three dots and click captions to turn on the subtitles.
  • Going to a place with poor internet connection – Download videos and save for later.
  • Want to watch a series without disturbance – Turn on Autoplay below the video.
  • Watch a few things in privacy – Turn off history.
  • Your beloved videos – Like them, Want to watch them again and again – Subscribe to the channels.
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