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How to clear WhatsApp cache to free up memory storage

Whatsapp is among the most used social messaging applications. The app is easy to use and hence people tend to use it more often which, without their knowledge, takes quite a lot of space for storage. For which, the app provides easy techniques to free up space on your mobile phone by deleting a few data. Erasing these data provide space in your Whatsapp memory and Phone memory.

To delete through WhatsApp,

Step I: Open Whatsapp and tap the three dots on the top right corner

Step II: Click Settings → Storage Usage Option → Contact → Free Up Space

Step III: Select the data to be deleted

Step IV: Click delete messages after selection and then tap confirm

To delete using your phone settings,

Step I: Open Settings → Storage → Other apps

Step II: Click Whatsapp


Step III: Tap Clear Cache




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