Tricks to charge your mobile phone faster

In today’s fast-moving world, people find time rarely to anything. Mobile phones, which have become part of our daily life, take a little extra time to back us up the whole day. Few people wish it would be nice to see their phone’s full battery notification before the expected time.

Here are a few ways to charge your phone’s battery quickly:

  1. Turn off your mobile phones when charging.
  2. Turn on “Airplane mode” before charging.
  3. Try charging your phone with a fast charging adapter i.e., use a charger having a higher capacity.
  4. Remove your phone case as it radiates more heat while charging.


Given below are some bonus tips to save your battery percentage:

  1. Use power-saving modes
  2. Reduce the timeout of your screen to lesser seconds.
  3. Always keep the screen brightness from low to medium (Note: This protects both battery and your eyes)
  4. Set a cellular data warning.
  5. Try to avoid Live wallpapers.
  6. Uninstall unused apps.
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